This Mousebytes explains how to create a Brainstorm drawing in Visio.  Another name for a brainstorm drawing is a mind map.  Once you have added a main topic to your brainstorm drawing you can break down your ideas into subtopics.

We hope you find this Mousebyte tasty and wholesome!


Get Started with your Brainstorm/Mind Map Drawing

To create a Brainstorm drawing click File | New and then click Business in the Template Categories area.

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Next double-click on the Brainstorm diagram template button.  Click on the Ribbon’s Brainstorming tab to view tools and commands for this type of drawing.

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Ensure that the Outline Window option on the Ribbon is checked. The outline window appears bottom left of your drawing.

05-07-2016 16-37-13
Your starting point with brainstorm drawings is to add a Main Topic shape from the Brainstorming Shapes stencil.

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As soon as you add the main topic shape to your drawing start typing a name for the topic.

05-07-2016 16-39-59

Next right-click on the main topic and click Add Multiple Subtopics. In the resulting dialog box add each topic on a separate line and then click OK to confirm.

05-07-2016 16-41-53

The subtopics will be added to the drawing as shown below.

05-07-2016 16-43-30

To break down the subtopics into more detail, add subtopics to them in the same way as you did for the main topic.

05-07-2016 16-46-39

As and when needed use the Auto-Arrange tool on the Ribbon to automatically rearrange and reposition subtopics on the drawing page.

Add a Peer Topic

If you need to add a topic at the same level as an existing topic, simply right-click on the topic and from the menu select Add Peer Topic.

Change the Order of Subtopics

You can move a subtopic up and down amongst its peer topics. To achieve this right-click on the subtopic within the Outline Window and in the menu select Move Up or Move Down.

05-07-2016 16-50-51

Move Subtopics to a Different Parent Topic

To move a subtopic to a different parent topic simply drag it to its new position using the Outline Window.

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