This Mousebyte explains how to create office layout plans using Microsoft Visio.  You can create a scales drawing of your office including walls, windows and doors. You can also include office furniture and equipment.

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Get Started with an Office Layout

To create an Office Plan drawing click File | New and then click Maps and Floor Plans in the Template Categories area.

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Next double-click on the Office Layout template button.

Specify Drawing Scale

To specify the drawing’s scale, open the Ribbon’s Design tab and then click the Page Setup launcher as shown below.

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In the Page Setup dialog, click on the Drawing Scale tab and select a predefined scale or define a custom scale.

11-07-2016 16-57-05

Visio displays the physical size that your page will represent using this scale.

11-07-2016 16-59-23

You can change the page size and therefore the physical area the page will represent by clicking on the Page Size tab and selecting a new page size.

Click on OK to confirm your settings in the Page Setup dialog.

The ruler units will reflect the scale you have chosen.

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Add a Scale Symbol

To add a scale symbol to your drawing open the Annotations stencil: in the Shapes pane click More Shapes | Visio Extras | Annotations


In the Annotations stencil drag the Scale symbol and/or Drawing scale shapes onto your drawing.


These shapes automatically reflect the scale you have set for your drawing and will update if you change your drawing scale settings.

Using the Space Shape

The space shape provides a quick and easy way of creating a basic outline of an office or room space.

Drag the shape onto your drawing from the Walls, Door and Windows stencil.

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By default, Visio creates a space 3m wide by 3m tall. The total area is displayed within the shape.

11-07-2016 17-08-13

Adjust the size of the shape by dragging the blue square handles on the border of the shape.

You can add a second space shape to create a more complexed shaped room.

11-07-2016 17-11-48

To convert the space shapes to walls, select the space shapes (shift select for multiple shapes), then right-click and select Convert to Walls.

11-07-2016 17-13-45

In the Convert Walls dialog change any settings as you see necessary.  Here we have added dimensions and retained geometry.

11-07-2016 17-16-28

Click OK to confirm and your space shapes are converted to walls.

11-07-2016 17-24-33

Space shapes create a good starting point for your drawing.  You might have to delete, resize or position walls to create the drawing you need.

Adjust Wall Dimensions

To adjust a wall’s dimensions you can drag its control handles to resize or use the Shape Data window.  To open the Shape Data window, click on the Task Panes button on the Ribbon’s View tab.

11-07-2016 17-32-11

You can now enter the exact dimensions you require.

11-07-2016 17-31-34

Using the Wall Shape to Create a Room

If the space shape won’t allow you to create the shaped room you need, try using the Wall shape on the Walls, Door and Windows stencil.

11-07-2016 17-44-23

Drag the shape handles to resize or angle the wall.

11-07-2016 17-45-27

When you add a second wall, glue it to an existing wall – watch for the red square to indicate a glue being applied.

11-07-2016 17-46-35

Add Dimensions

To add dimension lines, select all the walls, right-click on any wall and click Add a Dimension in the menu.

11-07-2016 17-49-56

Add a Space Shape

Add a space shape to your drawing and then right-click on it and click Auto Size.  The space shape will automatically calculate the area of your room.

11-07-2016 17-52-00

Adding Windows and Doors

Adding Windows

Add the Window shape from the Walls, Doors and Windows stencil.

13-07-2016 08-51-31

Drag the Window shape on top of a wall: the window will automatically align with the wall whether horizontal or vertical.

13-07-2016 08-54-47

To resize a window, drag the red control handles.  The wall will automatically create the correct size opening for your new window dimensions.

13-07-2016 08-57-10

Alternatively, use the Shape Data window to adjust settings for the window.

Adding Doors

Add the Door shape from the Walls, Doors and Windows stencil.

13-07-2016 08-58-26

Drag the Door shape on top of a wall: the door will automatically align with the wall whether horizontal or vertical.

13-07-2016 08-59-43

To resize a door, drag the red control handles.  The wall will automatically create the correct size opening for your new door dimensions.

You can set the swing angle of the door by dragging the yellow diamond control.  This also allows you to set whether the door should open in or out.

13-07-2016 09-02-45

For greater control over door settings use the Shape Data window.

13-07-2016 09-03-28

Using Controller Dimensions

Controller dimensions are another way of allowing you to set and display the dimensions walls, doors and windows.

Add the Controller dimension shape to your drawing from the Walls, Doors and Windows stencil.

13-07-2016 09-49-02

Glue the shape to either end of a wall, door or window.

13-07-2016 09-50-52

The Controller dimension will display the dimension of the shape it has been glued to.  In the Shape Data window, you can change the length of the Controller dimension which will automatically change the width or height of the wall, door or window it is glued to.

Adding Office Furniture and Equipment

To add office furniture and equipment, open the Office Equipment or Office Furniture stencils and add shapes to your drawing.

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